Sunday, June 11, 2006

AFL and clean floors

Last night we went to the AFL and watched the Lions get beaten narrowly by the Crows. It was a great game - fought out in constant drizzle. We were out of the rain under the second tier right behind the goals. The big screen was at the other end of the ground completely visible to us as well. I took the staff and their partners as well as Miranda. We had a great adventure!

Today I felt like Doug - I swept and washed floors for 2 hours! I also cleaned the cupboard under the kitchen sink and behind the dishwasher where some mice had been living before they ate the bait I kndly gave them. I trust they are dead now!

Jude went off to the show this afternoon to pick up the entries she and the kids had made. I put the two littlest ones in the bath and then went to the computer to do some work. I forgot that it was filling up. Now this is not your normal bath tub, but a huge 3 corner tub that most of the family can fit in simultaneously.
A few minutes later I hear the Erin calling out to me and on venturing into the ensuite found a nice flood with the bath overflowing and both kids up to their necks jumping up and down splashing a tsunami out onto the floor. Guess the bathroom floor is washed now too!