Friday, June 09, 2006

No More Bland!

Phillip accused me of being bland lately. Probably fair. I admit in the last few months this blog has suffered from my "being busy".
So in the interests of being less bland (thanks Phillip for the wake up call) I will return to my normal programming.

First an update.

The last 5 months have been hectic to say the least.
I am now the Finance Manager of my church, the Management Accountant for another client as well as contracting in the IT world and also running numerous side contracts some with sub contractors and some by myself.
Then there is the other business I own that does all the web development and hosting and PC sales, upgrades and repairs. I have one lad working for me whom I am teaching this business slowly in order to take some of the load me and that is working out well.
Finally we have still got the monthly LAN parties to organise and run.

That's the work component. Then of course I have a wife and 4 lovely daughters. It is a priority of mine to put time to them and this has meant my blogging has suffered - not a bad choice.

This week I have been at a coal mine - 1000kms from home - flying up and driving out to the site and I will fly back today. I stay in a guesthouse in the closest town and I drive 28kms each day to the mine site and back.
So far this week I have had to slow down to miss two kangaroos (both about 1.5 metres high) an emu (about 2.5 metres high) and an eagle (with a wing span of about 2 metres). There have also been numerous dead roos on the road and yesterday there was an Alfa Romeo that had obviously hit a roo parked on the side of the road with a huge dent in the bonnet and front bar.

I reckon that the roos must be costing the insurance companies here in Central Queensland an absolute fortune. They are of plague proportions in this country now with restrictions on shooting them and culling them. I have shot them for sport, though when they stand still it isn't much of a contest. However a roo on the run at night can be hard to hit and is a great shot to bring down. I have also tried hunting them with a shotgun but the mongrels are too cagey. It is very hard to get within range. Roo meat is also real nice. We had roo steaks and sausages the other week for dinner.

Well thats it for now - and I promise no more bland Tim!