Thursday, June 29, 2006


I have been consciously relaxing - seems like thats hard to do.
My life is so wound up and go go go that its hard to break away sometimes.

Jude and I took advantage of my folks being here to go out to the gold class cinemas the other night. La-z-boys, waited food and drinks during the movie and an intimate cinema. We watched Adam Sandler's new movie Click.

It was a telling message and one that I took to heart.

We played kick the ball and frisbee in the park the other day - lots of pics on Judes website.

Saturday we went to a historic aircraft restoration project museum. The Bristol Beaufort being restored was built in Australia under licence during WW2. Awesome machine and the restoration project is amazing.

Tomorrow we are heading to a plant nursery for another school outing. Friday we will head to the beach for a play again.

In the middle of that I have been fixing servers, installing a new laptop ready for my next week away - preparing clients work and writing lots of emails. I have even installed Windows Vista on a machine for a trial. More on that on the tech tips website shortly.

It was a pity that Australia bowed out of the World Cup with a controversial last minute penalty. I have watched a lot of the games so far and shall watch the 1/4 finals and semi finals in the lead up to the final. Ladder and news on the Fifa site for those who are interested.