Monday, June 12, 2006


The sound of silence is a rare thing in a house with 4 children!
We went out to a chinese restaurant tonight for dinner. The normal hilarity ensued including one child actually managing to do number 1 and number 2 under the table.
However the best moment was when the deep fried ice cream desert came out... and there was silence!

In other news...
Last night we had home group shared meal and study and that was great. There were 7 adults and 10 kids. After a great meal we did study number 5 in John Ortbergs study entitled "If you want to walk on water you got to get out of the boat." The study was about living in the cave of fear and we explored some techniques for leaving the cave.
Today we went to the beach and Jude got out of a cave of fear by riding on the mini motorbike. She had a blast motoring off up the sand out of sight before coming flying back. Miranda and Jadeen also rode, Jadeen learning how to steer the bike in deep sand ruts and Miranda learning how to turn without falling off. Erin came for a ride up the beach with me and she giggled the entire way!. Mercedes had a ride back along the track to where the car was parked; she had fun also.
(I pulled a wheelstand on the lawn at home when I went to wash it and landed smack on my bum ripping a good pair of shorts!)
We also played horseshoes, flew the frisbee and wrote a great big Jesus Loves U in the sand with a heart instead of Loves.