Wednesday, July 05, 2006

6.5 hours to go

Only 6.5 hours to go to the start of the last semi final of the World Cup.
The game this morning was kind of drearily fascinating. Apart from being a nailbiter in terms of the finish - and what a finish! - it was very stereotypical.
The Germans played with almost metronomic precision - very BMW! Passes were crisp and to the feet and tehir was almost no individual flair or thrusts. In contrast the Italians were largely laisse faire and very creative with their play. Often their passes were almost instinctive and not to feet but to spaces. The Germans had to work hard to contain them, and did for 118 minutes. The Italians always looked like winning and were a very different side to the the game against Australia.
Oh well in about 8 hours or so I will know who is going to try and beat Italy for the cup itself. My hope is Portugal is the winner - as a first timer to win the cup that would be fantastic, and the cup would be another cap in the crown of Figo - a very talented player.