Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I am over being ill...
This graves disease thing is annoying the heck out of me.

the last couple of weeks have been really rough with my breathing and heart rate going through the roof with any exercise. Tonight I played squash and ending up not only losing badly but giving away points because i couldnt breathe and couldn't get oxygen into my blood. I had to stop to rest several times. I was not tired or worn out but my breathing was so heavy and my head was pounding. The same thing happened last year when my medication was not working and the disease spiralled out of control.

I had a dose of radioactive iodine 5 weeks ago which was supposed to kill the thyroid and my medication was reduced also. I had blood tests last week so I am going to email the doc (endocrinologist) and find out what's going on.
I can't wait to give the guy I played a flogging - I know I can do it. I was 7-1 up in a game tonight when I controlled the breathing and the play. But when we had a rally he exhausted me and I ended up giving away the next 8 points to lose 9-7.