Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Kids went away for the weekend

We sent the kids off for the weekend - well the eldest 2 anyway. It was great and bad at the same time. (Bad cos we missed them! - great because we had more time to ourselves)
Grandad and Grandma (my parents) have been over staying from New Zealand. They took a unit up the coast and took the eldest 2 away for 3 days. We missed them but enjoyed the time with the 2 youngest. I was away all Saturday at a LAN party anyway but I really noticed the 2 little ones getting more of my attention without having to compete with their elder sisters.
Sunday lunch we went to a friends place from church. The 2 littlies played outside with their kids while the adults engaged in some excellent conversations.

Then Mopnday we went to collect the kids, played on the beach, had fish and chips and went to a large shopping mall to buy some clothes.
It was good to have kids back home.