Friday, July 07, 2006

World Cup final and Parklife also

The World Cup Final is coming - Sunday morning our time France and Italy will meet and determine the winner. I think these two teams will play a pretty defensive game and the end score will either be determined by a penalty shoot out or possibly Italy will win 1-0 in regular time. I don't think France has the goods. Zidane is desparate to win and that might provide them some impetus, but I really don't see them getting past the Italian back line. The only thing that could go wrong for the Italians is for some erd cards to be issued in the back line.

On a similar note, Parklife, my indoor soccer team (though I haven't played this year) is finishing tonight (or possibly tomorrow) The Lads are in a semi final tonight and I will go and watch and support. If we win then tomorrow will be a final and that will be the end of a history! I played 157 games for Parkilfe, the 3rd highest.
Go Lads!