Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Zidane Headbutt - lessons to learn

The Blue Sloth writes an article about Zidane's headbutt in the world cup final
Here was my response in his comments:
Let me say that I agree that Zidane's actions were reprehensible and unconscionable
However let me respond to Amber (and others including TV commentators) suggestion that Marco said something that caused him to react this way.
I have played sport (amateur and semi pro) for most of my life so far - over 30 years
I have seen all sorts of sledging, racial vilification and intentional spitefull baiting to incite fights.
There is nothing so bad that can be said to you that can or should provoke violence as a response. (and trust me I have heard some of the worst - far to vulgar to repeat on a family show like the sloths!)
I take a different view to the physical response to violence (where necessary).
However the Real Madrid Zidane shirt I own I will now wear none so proudly as I once did, and not out in public for a while at least.
I am sure in the cold hard light of day that Zidane is abjectly distraught as that action will notorised in history as one of the bizarre incidents related to a world cup final along with the likes of the hand of god and others.
Lets move on from vilifying and roasting Zidane - he alone has to answer to his actions and live with his conscience. Lets simply use this as an example of bad sportmanship - (probably from Marco as well thought that remains to be seen) and teach our kids that violence whether provoked or not is unacceptable in sport or in any arena of life.