Tuesday, August 22, 2006

back and broken

Dear Diary
Well I’m back - sorry about being away.

Lots of stuff happening
I need to blog more often
My new contract has blocked blogger as a website - so ill have to write in notepad and email myself to blog from home
I've got lots of good stuff to post too - check the other spy journal sites for that.

Broken - I broke my little toe tonight
Serves me right I should have known that kicking the shower tiles wouldn’t actually break them!
So I spent 5 hours at emergency waiting - good thing I took a great book to read. I recently bought the new book Tobruk by Peter Fitzsimmons. From what I've read so far it is fantastic. So well written - almost novel like. It is the factual accounts leading up to and including the battles at Tobruk by the Australian armed forces in World War 2 where we held out against Rommel's Africa Korps.
The author has spent 2.5 years in research and it shows. It is fantastic!

Anyway toe is bandaged and needs to be kept that way for a week before I go to my GP for a check-up. I’m currently buzzing along quite nicely on painkillers! Seeing as Jude has gone to bed I am in the theatre room listening to music while blogging, emailing and doing some work I" was supposed to do tonight and didn’t cos I was at the hospital.

In other news - there’s been a lot happening. Church has taken a huge amount of my time lately. Apart from the fact that I have a contract to supply their accounting and reporting (I am the Finance Manager) there have been lots of other issues. We have just gone through a leadership crisis.
Our Senior Pastor is now on extended leave for psychiatric care and rehabilitation. This has created some gaps in leadership. Some of us men have felt called to work into these gaps and this has meant some time. I am also the coordinator of the missions team, the website coordinator, IT champion for the office, Finance Manager, a home group leader and run the monthly LAN parties. That’s enough!

I have been enjoying kicking the AFL ball in the park with my "play date". Bloke up the road and I take the kids to the park - they play we kick - though it will be standing still catching Frisbee for a while now with the broken toe. Pity too because I was starting to get good at taking one handed marks.

Ok the rest of the news can wait til another time. It’s all good though! Really - even the broken toe is good! I just need to wait to find out why.

Later diary...