Saturday, August 26, 2006

Choked up

I have tears streaming down my cheeks.

For the last three days I have read Tobruk whenever I had a spare minute. Tonight I had to finish it. It is 4am and I have just finishd reading what is probably the most moving book I have ever read. The number of times I have cried in the last few days...

I'm still sniffling.

If you didnt know.
Tobruk is a new book just published in Australia by Peter Fitzsimmons telling the story of the mighty men who fought and died in Tobruk, buying relief for Egypt and the Suez Canal with their blood. The only battles that Rommel and his Afrika Korps couldn't win.

The awe inspiring story of Australia's first ever VC awarded posthumusly (as they usually are) to Jack Hurst Edmonson who saved his mates life after 4 bullets had ripped through his body; of Jack Johnson who died running relief to the men in belegaured positions, leaving a wife and 8 children. To the curious mateship that sprang up between the men of the Afrika Corps and the Rats of Tobruk that still exists today.

Hail you mighty men of valour! May we always remember your deeds and your lives of courage and honour.

Lest we forget...