Thursday, September 07, 2006

So much news - so little time to write

Whats been happening? Lots!

I broke my little toe - its on the way to healing now - getting better slowly but each day sees an improvement - I am hoping to play squash this weekend - carefully!

I have read stacks of books including

All 4 books in the Many Coloured Land series by Julian May
The Way of the Shepherd by Dr Kevin Leman and William Pentak
Tobruk by Peter Fitzsimmons
and I am currently Reading Soul Tsunami by Leonard Sweet

My new contract is taking up a lot of time and so is managing the other jobs I have staff working on. However I am deliberately making time most days to play with all the kids, read books play board and card games, and the occasional movie with them and the wife. We watched Star Wars 1 The Attack of the Clones the other day. Funnily enough the kids were less disturbed by this as they were by the Princess Bride. I think maybe the story is so far fetched they realise it is not real where as the princess bride is set in this world with humans and reasonably believable monsters, the shrieking eels and the ROUS (Rodents of Unusual size).

Now I need to finish this off and watch Dr Who with my wife - season 2! Funnily enough, after watching the Return of the Cyberman and the Men of steel, two parts we watched recently, I felt like that this morning marching off to work with all the other cyber people - just mindlessly marching into their buildings and up the lifts, through security doors and into the cells where they voluntarily confine themselves for 8 or more hours - is this jail? A BIG reminder as to why I don't have a corporate job! Working from home and only having to show up at clients occassionally is much better! Far less soul destroying.
I know Doug tosses over this and I console him with the fact that working from home he has control over his life. We can choose or reject a job or client, and spend more time with the family as a result. Yes money is up and down and we have experienced that to the point of desparation more than once, but there is no ceiling on how much you can earn when you work for yourself, no boss with their own political agendas, no backstabbing co workers, etc.

Oh yes I have taken lots of photos and didn't win the $10,000 prize in a comp though they did send me a framed copy of my photo as a consolation. I will post some photos shortly.