Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 in review

What a year!
I know people always say that the last year went faster than the one before - but 2006 just screamed by!
Where do I start with a review? There were so many good things and not a lot of bad.

I guess I should start with God. He has been good to us this year. I have had work all year - more on that soon. We have had a roof over our heads, food on the table and petrol in the tank. All the bills have been paid - eventually! He is an awesome provider. I have also gotten closer to God than ever before through a number of key things. First church issues (more on that later too) meant we met for prayer more regularly. The group of guys that have been meeting are an awesome bunch and its been good getting to know them at the same time.

Jude and I have been married 11 years now. Time has flown! We have become very comfortable together. I guess that the early danger of a marriage busting is gone. I can see that the next danger is drifting apart as comfort turns into neglect so we need to be careful not to let that happen. We have spent some time this year doing different things together. Being very busy means that some priorities needed to change for this to happen. Thus I work late at nights after we watch a movie or tv show together. Fortunately we have very similar tastes, both of us love sci fi and off beat comedy, so Stargate Atlantis, The IT Crowd and My Name is Earl amongst others are watched when we have time.

The kids are growing up fast. It is amazing to watch and consider the beautiful young ladies they are becoming. Miranda ia 10 and already hanging to be a teenager. She is full of knowledge, loves to read, and enjoys helping mum and I. Jadeen is cheeky and inquisitive. She is sporty and athletic. She is very sensitive and is easily upset so we are working with her to learn not to react badly to things. Erin is like a miniature hurricane!. She loves to dance. Mercedes is shooting up and is well into the terrible twos. Tantrums and dummy spitting galore as she learns to come under her parents' authority. When she is being good she is cuddly, happy and very funny. She is a born comic.

I guess some of the best times in 2006 were when the kids were asleep and I snuck in and gave them a kiss on the forehead and just watch them, pray for them and get my head absolutely blown apart that these are my daughters!
Certainly playing computer games with them, teaching them card games like diminishing whist and Uno and playing other board games has been fun as well.

Huge topic. Lots happening. For now check this post out at our main company website. Expansion of the business from the original one man band into a team of people who work together is challenging to say the least. Progress is slow but there is a long term plan here. September 2005 was the 10th anniversary of the start of our business. It was also the time we started planning the expansion. The next ten years looks to be promising as we grow into a boutique web 2.0 software development house.

Things have been happening in this space also. I am moving further into the administration and leadership of our local church Rivers Baptist. We have been also growing our snmall home based church that meets on a sunday afternoon / evening for fellowship and study. It has been great getting to know the other families that come and enjoying their company.

2006 was a disaster for sport. I decided for the first time in my life to not play a team sport (usually soccer) and now regret that choice. Maybe it was necessary from a priority perspective but my fitness has certainly suffered as a result. I did play squash regularly through the year. We have been taking our staff to personal training once a week and I have also continued the mountain bike riding. I am still going hard and suffering the usual gravel rashes from the odd crash!

We started www.narangbacommunity.org.au in 2006. We are just starting to develop this now and hope to make a significant contribution to our community with this in the future.

The year was a great one! Absolutely looking forward to 2007!