Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pardon me your slip is showing!

My mother taught me to say "Its snowing down under" if you needed to politely let a lady know her lacy petticoat was showing. Living in Brisbane I doubt many ladies here wear petticoats as its too hot. However there is the very real issue of a woman accidentally showing too much flesh or their lingerie.

The first problem is was it deliberate? Assuming its not then the burning question is do they want you to let them know so they can fix it, or would they die of embarrassment if you did. I have in the past polled female friends and got a mixed response; some said "yes please I would want to know" while others said "no way that would be terrible!"

Today I took up the courage to inform a female colleague that there were a couple of skirts that she wears and a certain way she has of sitting that exposes more than what I assumed she would be comfortable with in a business setting. As she works with me with my clients I hoped she would take this in the spirit it was intended, but I think she was more embarrassed than pleased.

So ladies, and men if you were a lady, what would you prefer, to be told you were showing your bits, or to go on being exposed in ignorant bliss?