Thursday, February 22, 2007

Things that mystify me

This is a writing project for the Blue Sloth, who has asked for contributions on a theme, things that mystify me.

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I am constantly amazed at my children. Just the other day Erin came out with "you are a freaky blue dad". Now freaky is not a word that we use in our house. Not that its banned or anything, just not used. Miranda does say "you're freaking me out" occasionally, though when I asked her she had no idea what that meant. I haven't heard the word freaky out of my wifes or my mouth that I can remember, yet here Erin is calling us all freaky.

Another example of things that mystify me is the unconditional love and aceptance from them. Tonight Miranda said "you are a fun Dad." Then she followed that up with "You will always be a fun Dad to me, Trust me!"
I was rocked - and amazed and very loved and it felt great.

Later on Mercedes came and gave me an unrequested hug, throwing herself onto me and looking up at me with her big puppy dog eyes and just hugging me tight - awesome!

On Monday I damaged my back, I hope its just a muscle strain. However I have been in pain for the last 3 days. Tonight Jadeen gave me an awesome massage. It mystifies me where she gets the strength in her hands. It was great - thanks Jade.

I am totally mystified by these humans that are my kids, I love them!

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