Saturday, May 26, 2007

Judes Birthday, Footy and cracked rib, Asics Gel shoes

Its Jude's Birthday tomorrow. She is sick at the moment but we are hoping she is well so she can enjoy her day tomorrow. We were going to go on a picnic with church, but as they are going to a non kid friendly place, we decided not to go. Instead Jude will go to her mum's place for afternoon tea.

I cracked my rib at football training on Tuesday night. It was so sore yesterday that I took some Tramol last night and again today before football. I played about half a game and managed some good hard tackles and hip and shoulders without feeling any pain! Glorious.

Tonight we are just going to kick back in front of a movie and relax.

Yesterday our new shoes arrived from the states. We ordered from RoadRunnerSports.com. Jude got a pair of Asics Gel Evolution II and Igot a pair of Asics Gel Cumulus 9. we were most impressed with the service. They only took 7 days to arrive!

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