Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happiness is...

Big projector screen-surround sound, lazy boy chair, Tour de France.
oh, & a tablet PC and a wireless internet connection.
l am lazing in my chair, sipping my drink while watching the tour. Today is a massive climb. It's the ├ętape 8 - Le Grand-Bornand Tignes 165 km stage. I am really enjoying the four this year. since we got the Tr aerial properly tuned in we can watch SBS, our premier channel for Soccer and the tour de France.

Having just bought a new tablet Pc, I am enjoying learning how to make it work well. I wrote this entire blog post using the handwriting technique on the screen of the laptop.

The other thing I had fun trying today was the voice recognition feature in Vista. I was able to train my PC to listen to my voice & do as I told it to do today.

At the moment I am watching the leaders on the first major Category I climb of the day. There is a frenetic pace being set.

The greet they about the internet today is being able to check real time the actual time differences between the groups on the Mountain using the Tour de France website.

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